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Transforming wet & damp basement into dry & cozy living spaces.


Basement Remediation Specialists

Blueprint specializes in basement underpinning and structural repairs. Our team also has extensive knowledge foundation waterproofing.

Basement Lowering / Underpinning

All underpinning work is performed by our experts and overseen by geotechnical and structural engineers. Underpinning project can span four to eight weeks. Lowering the floor by 12”-48” can cost between $35,000-$70,000 which includes all engineering & permits fees.

Alternatively, you can also use a bench-pinning method to lower your basement floor. Bench-pinning is less expensive as it requires minimal structural work. This method reduces the usable finished space, therefore not the best option for tight spaces. A concrete curb is built around the perimeter of the exterior walls.

There are many benefits including:

  • Increase living space & value of your home

  • Create additional income with a legal secondary dwelling

  • Reduce dampness in the basement, control and displace ground water

  • Eliminate seepage of radon gas

All structural work includes a 15-Year fully transferable warranty


Exterior Foundation Waterproofing

Blueprint offers multiple solutions when it comes to wet basements. The most common being multi-membrane exterior repair. All excavation is performed with high pressure water and vacuum using hydrovac equipment. This method significantly reduces damage to yours and your neighbors property and safer around underground utilities. All native soil is disposed and replaced with a combination of sand and clear stone which provides proper drainage and eliminates settlement.


Interior Foundation Waterproofing

If excavating and repairing the foundation from the exterior is not possible due to obstacles, we have other solutions including an interior air gap membrane installation. This membrane connects to a new weeping system installed around the perimeter of the footing which also protects from ground water.

Blueprint will make your basement feel dry, clean and protected – in addition, you can feel secure with an industry leading warranty as a pledge of our workmanship.

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