Ammunition Not Included: Missile Silo Homes

If you have enough masonry skills to get you through patching up concrete defects in your foundation and you’re able to solve that water leakage problem in the basement…here is a real estate deal for you!

If you have a fear of heights and couldn’t see yourself living in a converted lighthouse…..imagine the opposite! A decidedly overbuilt underground structure that will withstand the test of time, not to mention tornadoes, earthquakes, bomb attacks….and maybe even deter nosy neighbours. The all-American missile silo, built in locations all across America during the Cold War, has become another unusual alternative for creative DIYs to transform a utilitarian facility into a one of a kind, spectacular showpiece. (Alert: some renovation skills required!)

The missile silo was designed to house a complement of military personnel, so all the amenities are already in place. You just have to renovate that mess hall into a kitchen and that lavatory into a bathroom. Often included are: generator systems, working or at least restorable, that will supply uninterrupted power; electric lifts to get you up and down if you are too tired to take the stairs; escape hatches….for when the in-laws won’t leave; bomb-proof doors for protection from noise pollution in the home theatre and; bragging rights to the best wine cellar ever.

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No properties are for sale in Canada, but here in Ottawa we at least have the Diefenbunker for the public to view.  Here is a listing of some of the American domiciles:
missile silos homes for sale