Lego for Grown Ups

Let’s face it. It was only a matter of time before someone would come up with the idea of using giant Lego blocks to build homes, office towers and other civil structures.

Except that Lego wasn’t actually the inspiration for a new product called Smart Brick. Kite Bricks is the company behind this creation. At this stage, the design is patented and the product itself is still a prototype.In the construction, architectural and engineering worlds, these concrete blocks are being touted as “revolutionary” due to their thermal properties, strength and environmentally-friendly nature. The blocks aren’t solid so the empty space is insulating, which means that both heating and cooling costs can be reduced. That empty space within will also make wiring, plumbing and ducting a breeze! 

Think of the last time you built a Lego house. Every brick fit together perfectly, didn’t it? That’s why construction using Smart Brick will be quick and inexpensive. And there will be less debris and mess at the construction site. Estimates are that it could reduce construction costs by as much as 50%.

In addition to being suitable for all climates, a major advantage of construction using these blocks will be the structure’s resistance to extreme weather like flooding and earthquakes. The company plans to manufacture the bricks in different shapes and sizes, as well as finishes, depending on the requirements of the builder. For the future, the company even foresees using robots to do the construction.

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