Trend Watch: Vanier

Overcoming Reputation & History

Vanier means different things to different people. And sometimes the name itself carries baggage. Happily, that’s no longer the case. 

The rejuvenation of Vanier lagged behind other neighbourhoods in Ottawa, in the wake of amalgamation. No one knows why. But then, things really got going when municipal politicians, city staff, community organizations and police joined forces to “clean up the community” several years ago. It was a complex, multi-layered effort and the successful alchemy was: co-operation, shared vision and community spirit.  

Together, these players focussed on economic development, safety, and infrastructure improvements. Beautification initiatives such as landscaping, benches, clean bus stops, planters, better sidewalks and lighting were important changes.  

The Writing on the Wall

Interestingly, a graffiti removal program was integral to the clean up effort. Based on the premise that removing graffiti within 48 hours reduces the likelihood of recurrence, the community did just that. And voilà! Graffiti no longer defaces Vanier.

One Brick at a Time

Since the main advantage of being in Vanier is its proximity to the downtown core, the value of local real estate has gone up. Investors and developers are, not surprisingly, leading the charge with all sorts of new development and redevelopment. And, with Vanier’s expanded boundaries, dozens of new businesses were added to the defined geographic area. 

New offices, retail buildings, and condos are planned for construction over the next few years. Big-name firms like Minto, Domicile, and Longwood as well as several smaller companies like our own are busily planning if not breaking ground. In addition, existing businesses are improving their premises by remodelling and renovating.

Wait! What’s in it for Businesses?

A successful business recruitment strategy was put into place, making Vanier a veritable hub in Ottawa. Over 25,000 people are now working within its commercial zone. The price and location of land attracts all kinds of businesses and companies. 

Location, Location, Location

The relationship between commercial and residential is symbiotic. More people are choosing to live in Vanier due to the vast array of new businesses, restaurants, and other amenities. With an excellent offering of accommodation options, schools, parks, and recreational facilities, Vanier is attracting an ever-increasing number of residents.

The Future Starts Now in Vanier

There is much optimism for Vanier’s future. If it’s a great place to live and work now, it will be only more so in the years to come. Local experts agree that business and residential space in Vanier will increasingly be “in demand”. Vanier is fast becoming like Westboro and comparable neighbourhoods. 

No Place Like it

Vanier has had, and continues to have, a distinctive character. It has a small town feel about it even though it’s situated within a much bigger city. And it stands apart from the rest of the municipality because of its core francophone community. Yet somehow Vanier seamlessly forms part of a greater whole.

The beauty of Vanier is that it embraces its heritage, while aiming headlong toward its future. We aren’t the only ones who are excited about Vanier’s evolution and exciting future. Check out this short but inspiring video:

If all this won’t convince you to move to Vanier, take a look at the beautiful new home we built on Garneau

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See you in the neighbourhood!